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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A musical evening at my place: Franz's choice

Two days ago my old time pal Franz visited me for a musical and chats evening.

Like several other times he brought in his bag some musical gems, which he loves showing like a magician would do from his hat;-)

The discs were ALL, say ALL, unknown to yours truly and ALL - something only closer friends can do - were a tailored choice to my very tastes... yes, I'm pretty (musically) omnivorous, BUT quite picky and sensitive, anyway... and he - Franz - knows!

Enter the discs and disks...

Wobbler - Hinterland (The laser Edge - LEI041)

... imagine: Gentle Giant, Yes, Opeth (of "Damnation" fame only...) and some King Crimson... yet sounding new, incredibly: a mighty Rickenbacker's bass, mellotron and ARP and Moog sinths... a dream prog humble, little masterpiece.

A recording 2die4, broad soundstage, honest timbres and always interesting compositions.

I loved it and ordered it pronto today.

Steven Wilson - Insurgence

The limited - edition 2 lps gatefold disc of Porcupine Tree, No-Man, Opeth and several other combos (Steven NEVER sleeps, you know...) was a TRUE surprise to me... reminded me of some ORB (from their "FFWD" 2 lps set), last Talk Talk's discs and Mark Hollis' solo...

A very strange, seldom-heard music... it's prog, world, psychedelic, electro-folk, BUT, most important, it's Steven's music... a nice blend, a mix of acoustic and electronic sounds... sad, melanchonic... in a word: BEAUTIFUL.

Orderd today the same luxury vinyl edition, while supply lasts (2000 limited ed. pressing).

Thanks Franz;-)

Also hinted and filterd after my friend (good) tastes... and bought on bona-fide - The Pineapple Thief - Tightly Unwound and No-Man - Schoolyard Ghost (already on my desk since half-an-hour ago, ready for a listen, this evening - thanking Ivan the Pusher;-)))


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