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Monday, February 22, 2010

... feel bluesy... John Miller - First Degree Blues on Blue Goose

... so I had a fond visit to my records shelves and felt a shiver handling the area with John Miller and others on Nick Perls' Blue Goose label: Woody Mann, John Miller, Jo-Ann Kelly, John Fahey... Blue Goose always had a special place in my heart...

It's - like Kicking Mule, Arhoolie, Takoma, Philo in the USA or Leader and Trailer in the UK or Mulligan in Ireland - an almost one-man-label...

Sincere, great music... no frills, no big industry games... ONLY Music!

Had a listen to John Miller's First Degree Blues... the 21 years old guitar player and blues scholar gives a goosebumps rendition of... living blues... his voice reminds the late Skip James... while a gorgeous pre-War Martin OM-28 blinks from the beautiful, simple cover.

Pure blues. Easy...

Read what John Fahey wrote about him and his very record in liner notes:

"A thoroughly enjoyable album - that's quite a change from mr. Perls' usual shit... it must have been recorded by accident... Spanish Breakdown: that's incredible - almost as good as Lonnie Johnson, or maybe a little better... Titanic's beautiful, as it's Shady Lane.... Chester County's so good it's scary.
I'd say seventy-five to eighty per cent of his stuff is really exceptional: very very rarely do I like that many songs on any one record.
He has one of those funny voices where you can't tell whether he's black, white, young, old, gay, hetero, conservative, radical... He even knows how to sing neutral notes consistently: that's unusual.
His voice sounds like livid, vapid pools of iridescent irrigation water..."

... and while listening to the great Jo-Ann Kelly... well, folks: seems Blues be the only possible Music on this Planet.

... for the adventurous, die-hard archivist and sincere music lover... go straight as an arrow and check # 360209662467 on Ebay for a NM original first pressing (golden label) like the VERY one I own...

Feeeel goooood!

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