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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

... again about Eichmann's Silver Bullett

Roberto Covezzi is really doing something, with his silver cables...

I recently purchased from him some sets of Mundorf's Silver/Teflon/cotton cables using the Eichmann's Silver Bullett RCAs.

The building philosphy is the following:

The sound after inserting these cables didn't change... it - surprisingly - only get better than it was in some parameters.

The above quite "strange" sentence means that these cables apparently doesn't change the sonic soundscape - i.e. more bass, mids or trebles... but they keep the good qualities of the system balance, "only" enhancing spatial separation and dynamic micro & macro slam.

Respectful and impressive.

I listened to my system yesterday evening and was surprised at the clear, detailed, smooth, lively quality of music.

... as a plus, some hum I had from my Partrdige/300B monoblocks... zut! Disappeared... I fucked Eddy and his Current;-)))

Just kidding, folks...

A Best Buy, indeed...

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