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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thomas Mayer's new handicrafts and modern art? Why not...

From Thomas... freshly brewed: "Driver is the 801A. These amps combine the transparency and detail of the 801A with the harmonic richness and nice midrange of the 300B. Really nice! I never was a big friend of the 300B. But with the 801A driver it really opens up."

A beauty: top class components and irons, superb workmanship in 4 chassis.

Yes, Thomas Mayer isn't Kondo-san, but also Kondo-san isn't Kondo-san, anymore;-)/;-(

... saying: don't be fooled by names, pals... my humble advice would be, like for modern art - i.e. buying Harting or Basquiat or Warhol or Pollock or... in their "hey days" - when they started their career and were still sincere, straightforwarded and no-compromising... who appreciated them from the beginning used their taste and intelligence and expertize and understanding.

A name is a name... in visual art like in audio art it's the same: I far, FAR more love listening and exploring artifacts from gifted and growing artisans and designer... artists, I'd dare saying...

The freshness of design, the beauty and aesthetics of Thomas' audio and musical vision is - I'm not a partner, but a fan and a user - almost unique... seldom seen and heard, at least... not for cheap, but - bought directly from builder - a TRUE bargain!

I truly feel me sad when I see MUCH lesser built/sounding and conceived, hyped products sold for 5-digits+ figures, with raving reviews... people must and need to judge with their own ears and feeling. First-hand experience is ALL!

Definitely: buy handmade, bespoke gears... I'm not speaking about DIY wannabes lacking culture and technical background, BUT about the best: Thomas Mayer, Jeffrey W. Jackson and (not so many) others lead the crop of young, tasty, gifted builders... surely worth a careful listen from anyone seeking for the best value for money and most of all, sound.

Keep on soldering, folks...

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