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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Paul Kinny's Stereo Acoustic Guitar... from Downunder (N.S.W. - Australia)

... directly from Mars (look at the weird busking Kinny's axe...), these instruments which reminds a Dyer '20s harp guitar, are based on acoustics and the choice to please the player first and the microphone(s) in the studio...

Stereo acoustic guitar video

Kinny Guitars site

Maybe just a tad bright-sounding, but intriguing!


Anonymous said...

i like the idea a lot what about the sound ???

twogoodears said...

I don't know, Hussein... ONLY able to imagine it: loud, quite nasal, yet pleasant...
Why don't contacting builder/luthier;-)?

Jason Nealon said...

I am lucky enough to have one on loan. It's amazing. really full and bright. 2 sound boards are great.