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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Berlin's SCHOOL of SOUND - Part 2

... a school during students vacation... empty classrooms, graffitis in the toilets, dark corridors... and people from Germany, Norway, Italy, USA, Netherlands, France, Sweden, UK gatheringchattingeatinglisteningswappingideas&hints&experiences... something almost surreal... something which, for the second time, gives to Berlin a musical and living flavour quite uncommon everywhere.

Some classrooms were converted in laboratories, another in lectures about record collecting, exotic labels and sought-after printings, then another concerning hum and RFI fighting in amps and music systems, and music, music... and chatting... and laughing, smoking pipe and/or cigar, having great, SUPERB Cao Lilla's turf one zillion years old Islay whisky and listening to this ECM or that Verve or Blue Note... or having been able to listen to a full side of Can's "Tago Mago" without being shot or blamed or booed;-) by "Jazz at the Pawnshop's Church" adepts;-))))

Cannot understand why, but when in Berlin, I feel at home... is a pulsating, lively, yet shy city... full of trees, so good bread and food, and always those beautiful women on their bikes, hairs and faces in the chilly wind... braveheart.

Meeting old and new friends, in music... that's it... a special event, indeed, where the whole is FAR more & better than the sum of parts... not an unworking speaker or a microphonic tube or... the rain on first day are able to distract from the pleasure of being all together in the name of music for three days... Woodstock's ghosts in the new millenium?!?!

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