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Monday, January 5, 2009

Maybe the best Web find in 2008!

The Magic World of Lukasz Fikus, aka Dr. Lampizator
After several late evening chatting with my friend Christian from Munchen, I was someway forced to re-purchase the old, humble Philips CD-104 disk player from the early '80s.
An hard task expected the old player... winning on my reference "Just Quality - Proudly Made in China" 24 bit disk player... and in fact, no surprise, it lost in every parameter where JQ is a winner, a wolf in sheep skin... EUR 39,99... the inner clock or what the hell it is clicking while playing, sometimes a disk isn't palatable to JQ's... BUT it's - since now - my top player... more than Studer A-730, more than EMT 982... AH!
The CD-104 was hi-fish sounding, no lysergic inner details as I'm used to... but... "drums in the background"... 'twas now, while browsing, I found Dr Lampizator!
He's a good taste master and a knowledge-well and it's so amusing reading his nice english - euro-style, like we all write in Europe... audio Esperanto;-)))
His endless, untired and untiring surveys and try and mods and tweaks and soldering and listening are giving to him a WEB-King status - i.e. spreading, like himself call himself;-) a self-named Prometheus... and sharing and being polite and kind and well informed and true and not using knowledge as a weapon but as a friendly and friendship instrument... and witty enough to avoid a deprecable, boring self-incensation: he evaluated dozens CD players, from the humblest to the noblest or most expensive and what he founds is AMAZING!!! Every nuance in sound, schematics, parts is carefully, lovingly discussed and analyzed for every disk player... a truly SUPERB job!
Browse at yr. convenience... it's a true goldmine;-)))
Thanks a lot, Lukasz: I'm learning a lot from you.
Greetings from Italy to Poland and Happy New Year!

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